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Welcome to Aquapreneur Biz - the international specialized consultancy agency for aquaculture qualified investors

Modern Aquaculture

A rational approach to investments thanks to the latest scientific evidence and the most innovative protocols

Planned Aquaculture

The most effective strategies for planning investments and expanding production

Technified Aquaculture

The use of technology increases production control and reduces the risk of loss

Large experience in rational aquaculture

International advisory

If you are looking for an advisor who can guide you throughout the investment process, you have just met him.


We optimize the effectiveness of capital investment thanks to the integral knowledge of the business

Aquapreneur Biz



Identification of high potential areas

We have accumulated experience in numerous countries and geographical areas which allows us to quickly analyze strategic sites for investment

Project design and formulation

We design a complete project from scratch by analyzing and formulating solutions to all related processes

Scientific advisory for R&D

Our academic training combined with experiences in the business world allows us to generate a positive impact on research and development projects

Symbiotic, Biofloc, Aquamimicry

Preliminary analysis of the feasibility of the protocol, capacitation, implementation, control, production assistance, cost centers analysis, formulation of a specific internal protocol of management

Financial planning

The fundamental pillar of investments is careful financial planning. This is even more important in a rapidly evolving sector such as aquaculture.

RAS, Aquaponics and integrated sistems

Technology feasibility analysis, project design, capacity building, production assistance, formulation of a specific internal protocol

Automation and Control

Process automation techniques, system engineering, analysis and formulation of process optimization strategies

Construction management and supervision

Design and execution of engineering works, installations, supervision, quality tests, infrastructure maintenance

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If you are a Qualified Investor and you intend to request advice for an investment of at least $500,000 you can use the form below. If your capital is lower and you want to invest in Latin America, you can contact our local brand directly: www.artemiolab.com

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