A trajectory of seriousness

We are motivated by making a positive impact on the aquaculture industry with great respect for investors. Our line of work improves every day by analyzing numerous case studies of investments and methods, with the aim of optimizing the use of capital to build productive projects as efficient as possible.

A group of professionals with different backgrounds

Aquapreneur Biz is a consultancy platform managed by a team of specialists in aquaculture, biology, ichthyopathology, engineering. Each of our professionals has extensive international experience in Asia, Europe, Africa, America. The union of different skills and experiences allows us to offer an advanced consultancy service that is not only extremely precise at a scientific level, but also especially pragmatic and effective in the field thanks to the knowledge of the numerous production scenarios.

A family of brands and companies

We are present in Europe and South America with various local and international brands. You can find out more by contacting us and indicating the place of interest.